Dhool – The Band

Dhool is an Islamabad based Sufi rock band which was initially started by two members, Daniyal Aslam, the vocalist and Ahad Tanwir, the rhythm guitarist. However, the band was officially launched as a proper Sufi rock band in 2016 and was joined by 3 more members Syed Ali Kamran on leads, Saif Ullah Khalid on bass and Mobeen Inaam on the drums.

What is the aim of your band?

As soon as we started getting into the music, we felt that art is a medium of awareness and can play an important role in the process of renaissance within a society. We believe that we can fight social, cultural and religious dogmas which are responsible for the charred face of our society. We chose the way of the Sufis such as Baba Bulleh Shah, Baba Fareed, Waris Shah, Miral Faqeer and Ameer Khusro to advocate the message of the tolerance for the people of our society. The band aims to promote the “Aquals” the Sufi sayings in a westernized way of music.

Tell us something about your work.

Since our formation, we have covered a massive number of Kalams and have performed at a number of various events and universities such as MUNIC 8 City school Islamabad, TEDx Murree at the Lawrence collage, Air University Islamabad, Iqra University Islamabad, Roots Ivy International, Pakistan Air-force base Mianwali etc. We performed as opening artists for many renowned musicians as well prominently Jal, Asrar, Qurrat ul Ain Baloch, Niazi brothers, Saein Zahoor etc. We recently performed at the 7up Fiesta at Peshawar. We are currently working on production of our upcoming singles based on the kalams of Baba Fareed and Baba Bulleh Shah and some of our own lyrics and compositions as we aim to release four of our mainstream singles within the time period of six months IA.

What is that one unique thing about your band which you thing is different from other bands?

Haha, as far as underground music scene is concerned, most of the bands follow themes of their genres such as progressive rock, alternative rock or pop. On the other hand, Our music is a fusion of rock Qawwali based on variations of different tempos and patterns of drums, strums and bass which we believe is a uniqueness of our band.

Which of your songs took most of your effort and in return you expected the most from it?

Every composition requires a lot of innovation and a lot of practice. We havenʼt released any of our singles yet, but all of them took a lot of time, patience and innovation specially the one we are going to release soon named as “Nukta” a Sufi Kalam of Baba Bulleh shah it took a lot of our effort to compose the music in according to the feel of the song. Similarly, our Sufi medley based on the pieces from 7 songs is a 16 minutes longer song and we had to work really hard to adjust different parts together with different tempos, but gladly we received a lot of appreciation from the audience and musicians when we played that medley in events and concerts which was a big and significant factor of our motivation.

What are your thoughts on the current indie music scene in Pakistan?

Currently, a lot of new musicians are working as solo artists or with bands with multiple approaches, which is good for the Pakistani music industry. The factor of competition is becoming vital with growing number of musicians. A musician needs innovative compositions and concepts for his acceptability in the scenario of music.

What can be done to promote musical talent in Pakistan?

Pakistani music has faced phases of booms and recessions in the past. We recently faced a major downfall in the music industry of Pakistan when we were left with only one music channel. Eventually, some senior musicians came up with ideas of new platforms with several brands who sponsored for the cause and gradually the music industry moved towards the growth, but we still have a lot to achieve for the industry. Above all, our government needs to take some initiatives such as stipends for the musicians which would be very helpful for the encouragement of a musician to focus on his work. Secondly, the government needs to promote concerts, gigs and cultural events by relaxation in taxation policies of the events and by organizing their own events in every city. Above all, the promotion of new music television channels should be a priority of the government in this cause. As far as senior and known musician are concerned, they should provide platforms to the musicians instead of discouraging them. Our entertainment channels need to start some new TV shows for music as well.

Who is the biggest inspiration behind your music?

The inspiration behind our music is not a musician but a poet Baba Bulleh Shah, who worked for the humanity in the era he lived, where Hindus and Muslims were living together and religious dogmas and priest were leading them towards unacceptability. However, Baba Bulleh Shah as a poet worked for peace and tolerance. His poetry remained alive and is still a known culture of Punjab.

What are some of the struggles that you faced?

The toughest struggle of all was the decision of the kind of music we had to present and with the passage of time, we realized how music is a medium for the transformation of a society. Secondly, as beginners we had to face a lot of disappointment for catching a performance organizer who were not cooperative at all till the time of the recognition our band got in the underground music scene.

What are your future goals?

As far as our music is concerned; our goal is to maintain an image of our own in the music scene. We we want to explore this industry with every aspect and we want to make music with some very unique and innovative concepts.


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