Sahir the Band

Sahir the band is a Lahore based band. In an exclusive talk with Alt-look, they talked about their musical career, influences, difficulties and future goals.

How did Sahir the band came into being?

Well, in the beginning, our Lead vocalist Mr. Minhar did music individually; he mainly practiced it as a spare time activity. However, in college and family events, when he presented his talent in front of people, he always got appreciation and motivation to present his talent on a larger scale through his own band and make it official along with other talented people. It is obvious that when you have such fascinating and God-gifted talent, people like it and want to see you on a bigger platform. So we initiated our band and called it “Sahir the band” and with the passage of time, music, which was just a past time activity for Minhar, became his preoccupation and Passion.

What is the inspiration behind your music and lyrics?

NFAK is my biggest inspiration as there is no one as perfect as him. I always imitate him. I recorded his several Qawali covers and also performed his singles at various events apart from our originally composed and written songs. God has also blessed us, granting us the ability to write lyrics which is truly an art which enables us to write our songs ourselves without needing any other composer or lyricist.

Tell us something about your work.

We have released six official video songs as yet and nowadays, we are working on our upcoming album ‘Ishq’, which will soon be released world wide under the banner of UK based record label “Kiss Records”. Apart from that we are working with many artist from UK and Paris which includes composing and writing for them. Previously we have collaborated with Mahesh Bhat for ‘Aman ki Asha’ project.

Where have you performed up-till now and what was the people’s response to your music?

We have performed in many different college and university events. Television channels including PTV, ATV, A PLUS morning shows. Our official videos have also been telecast on major music channels including B4u UK, B4u Europe and BBC Asian network. Our every official video gets unlimited shares & likes on social networking sites. That is the reason why we are confident that people do like what we are doing and support our work and simultaneously want us to do more and better.

When is your next album coming out?

Our next album will be releasing soon InshAllah. The release date varies depending on the decision of the owner of our record label, Shehzad Sheikh. He is also in contact with some Bollywood producers for dispensing our work for the people to depict and appreciate in that industry as well. We are hoping for the best.

Did you face any difficulty at some point if your career?

Yes, we faced a lot of ups and downs, at some point we also became hopeless because of the partiality based lobby system of media industry. But then, we decided, if you work hard and never let anyone to write your faith except Allah, you can do anything despite of countless myriad or even big hurdles.


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