Yesterdrive’s Musical Ride


Yesterdrive is an Indian indie-rock band from Arunachal Pradesh. The band consists of five members: Molee Lollen, Liem Ngadong, Haggai Rongmei, Kabir Jamatia, and Teji Toko. Formed in the summer of 2013, Yesterdrive was born out of passion and driven into music to bring back the sounds of the past. In an exclusive talk with Altlook, Yesterdrive looks back on their musical ride so far.

Where does the inspiration for your music videos come from?

Two of our recent Music Videos were shot and directed by our friends from “A Couple of Things”, they are a couple who are film-makers from Brazil.

The Idea for “Dread” was totally by them and we loved it the moment they explained us the story.

For “Ok Hope” we decided to use the rabbit heads as our band mascot is a rabbit itself, so that would represent us. The story too was extensively written by both us and “A Couple of Things”.

How has your music developed since you first started playing?

Well, it did evolve since our first single, “Hold On,” since then we have been trying to figure out our sound and approach towards the songwriting process.

What has been your most favorite place to play?

That’s a good question. There are many venues that had been memorable to us. So it will be unfair to choose one as the favorite.

Have you heard of any Pakistani music? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Coke Studio, Pakistan is of Another Level! Unfortunately, “Jal” is the only band that we have heard of. We would like to dig deeper and would love your suggestions too.

What got you all involved in music in the first place?

Actually, we all were into music before we even formed the band. And all of us have different musical backgrounds individually. I guess it’s the love for Music that we have in our hearts that made us involved in it.

 What music are you guys listening to right now?

Currently, as a band, we are trying to listen to one particular band or artist. Individually the plate is totally different, starting from Jazz to Indie rock to Pop to Hip-Hop. We are a diverse group (laughs).

Favorite guilty pleasure music?

Oh, it has to be any major hit Pop songs of 2015 till now, that too when we are partying together, Just for Fun!

Favorite lyric that you wrote? And why?

“We kissed 15, the bosses borrowed goodbye

A platter of junk and some cheap wine”

Back then when we started off, all the pub gigs were offering only 15 Thousand to us along with dinner and some cheap booze which was bullocks to us, no offense to those organizers.

Thoughts on the Indian indie music scene?

The Indian Indie Scene here is growing massively. Thanks to More Venues and Festivals that have become a calendar event of sorts.

What are your goals for the future?

We do plan to release newer materials shortly and hopefully some more Music Videos! And yes, travel and share our music to newer places and countries maybe?

Lastly, one of your songs that’s closest to your heart?

Have to go with “Charity Case,” the sarcasm behind the song is something that we all can still recall and laugh about.


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