Saba Adil’s Visual Works

Alt-look spoke with Saba Adil Malik, an undergrad architecture student in her last year and also a videographer. Her work has been features in film festivals such as the Women International Film Festival and the 60 Seconds Film Festival. She likes to travel, collect nostalgic items in abundance and hot chocolate.

What made you start your videography?

It started from getting attached to Disney, Pixar movies and series as a child. The ability of a film to capture your attention and have a part of it stay with you throughout the years inspired me to try to attempt this art of storytelling.

What/who are some of your inspirations?

Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Leonardo Dalessandri.

Tell us about your projects, what they mean, what the process was behind them?

The topic and nature of the video usually vary from the selection of a song to what message has to be conveyed in each video. The very first I publicly uploaded was ‘Nostalgia’, it was about the house I grew up in as a child in Lahore. The process and intention of the video was to convey memories without showing actual people but through the sensitivity of the place and the items.

Another video, ‘Windows’, is more about the imagination of the viewer, where you first experience the video and at the end the topic is revealed . Other videos lie in more of a random interest category where the music sets the mood along with the footage, each video highlighting a different form of art i.e origami in one and poetry in the other. Some are plain music videos.

Recently two of my films were shortlisted for screening in film festivals. Both talking about different aspects of society. The latest one was ” Life of an Everyday Man ” where I took routine footage of your everyday common man and lined it along a narration of a poet . I entered this under the category of ” Biography “, instead of choosing one particular person, I wanted to present the general life of all our average day people in Pakistan.

Have there been any struggles you had to face?

Haha yes, the most common and huge one is permission. We live in a society where at least a girl cannot get out to travel on her own, let alone have a camera in her hand and be out on the streets without anyone being skeptical about it. Another one on my own end would be lack of time to learn the proper technical skills for shooting and editing.

What more do you hope to do in the future?

I hope to keep this passion along despite having a career in a different field, to not let it die down as something ‘I used to do’. To be trained enough technically and creatively along with a crew to make short films that made me feel as happy and alive as the seven year old who saw a Disney movie for the first time.


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